How You Can Work with Us.

The Chicago Psychology Podcast Wants You!  Join us as a guest, a co-host, or advertise on our podcast.

Join Us as a Guest

We would love to have you on the podcast.  If you are a mental health professional, a health or mental health advocate in the Chicago area or abroad, the Chicago Psychology Podcast is a platform for you to have your voice heard.  

Guest Host

Do you have your own podcast? Would you like to try your hand at, or get your toes wet with podcasting?  The Chicago Psychology Podcast is your platform for sharing with our audience.

Reverse Interviews

If you have a podcast, and would like to interview Kyle and Scott, we are available for interviews that could be run on both your platform and ours, a "reverse interview."

Promote Yourself

We are open to providing your profit company or non-profit with a voice.  Let us provide the Chicago Psychology Podcast as a place to advertise and get the word out about your services.  Contact us to help you get your voice heard.   

Your Listener Suggestions Are Welcome

We would love to hear from you.  Let us know your opinions and suggestions for guests and show ideas.  Drop us a line!

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

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