Dave Clayton, Ph.D., L.C.P.C.

Dave Clayton is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and has a practice in Wood Dale, IL.  He also trains therapy students in Mexico and Guatemala to provide therapy for trauma survivors in the war-torn regions of those countries. 


Alex Pattakos

Alex Pattakos, Ph.D., is a founder the Global Meaning Institute, a think tank with bases in Canada, Greece, and the USA. He is the co-author with Elaine Dundon of two award-winning, international bestselling books on the human quest for meaning: Prisoners of Our Thoughts (available in over 20 languages), based on the wisdom of the world-renowned psychiatrist Viktor Frankl (who personally urged Dr. Pattakos to write it), and The OPA! Way, inspired uniquely by Greek philosophy, mythology, and culture. 


Krysta Dancy-Cabeal,LMFT

Krysta Dancy-Cabeal  is a marriage and family therapist in Roseville CA.  She works in private practice, with a focus on trauma care for post-birth difficulties and PTSD. She is also the director and supervisor of a counseling collective, and she is also presenter and trainer.  


Dr. Bernadette Blin, Ph.D. & Dr. Regina Hess, Ph.D.

Dr. Bernadette Blin is a Clinical and Social Psychologist.She is also a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Gestalt-therapist, Teacher and Supervisor, and the president of EUROTAS, the Transpersonal Association of Europe.  Dr. Regina U. Hess isa nurse, clinical psychologist, a Gestalt and Transpersonal psychotherapist, researcher, educator, and supervisor as well.

Alex Vesely

Alex Vesely is a filmmaker and psychotherapist.  He is also the grandson of the creator of Logotherapy, Viktor Frankl.  Alex talks with Dr. Hoye about his grandfather, his training as a psychotherapist in his native Austria, and his work as a filmmaker.  We also cover his work on his film about his grandfather, Viktor & I, and on the American psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson in his film, Wizard of the Desert.


Lisa Lombard, Ph.D.

Dr. Lisa Lombard is a clinical psychologist in Chicago and Oak Park, IL.  She has served as faculty at the National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute, and is the current president of the Chicago Society of Clinical Hypnosis.  She is also research faculty at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.


Dr. George Greer, MD

Dr. George Greer, M.D. is the president of the Heffter Research Institute.  The Heffter Institute has been at the forefront of research into psychedelic medicines for treating addiction and depression.  Dr. Greer is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and Past President of the Psychiatric Medical Association of New Mexico. He was also the Clinical Director of Mental Health Services for the New Mexico Corrections Department during the 1990s. He was the Medical Director of the Heffter Research Institute from 1998 to 2017 when he became President.

Dr. Regina U. Hess, Ph.D.

Regina U. Hess, PhD, is the founder and director of the "Ase World Forum"  -  Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science - for the conservation of ancient wisdom and healing traditions, sacred plant medicine, shamanic expeditions, integrative psychospiritual interventions and research, art, film and cultural exchange - in an international interdisciplinary collaborative setting and network.  Dr. Hess is a nurse, a transpersonal and Gestalt psychologist, a research, educator, and supervisor. 


Kendall Alaimo

Kendall Alaimo is a survivor of child sex trafficking and an international activist on the prevention of child sexual abuse. She is a clinical educator that provides medical trainings on innovating care for complex trauma. As a professionally trained artist she believes art can be used as a strong catalyst to express and heal fragmented trauma.  Lastly, Kendall is the executive producer of The Sentenced to Life Podcast that she created along side fellow trauma expert Dr. Jason LaHood.

Recent Guests

The State of Hypnosis: Dr. John Mohl, Ph.D.--Episode 10

Dr. John Mohl, Ph.D. joins Kyle & Scott discuss the history and current state of hypnosis.  John is an educator and research psychologist, and the current president of APA's Division 30, the Division of Psychological Hypnosis.  John talks about his path to becoming a psychologist,  explains the phenomena of hypnosis, it's history and its body of research, and the importance in the field of psychology.  


Heather Bodie of Erasing the Distance--Episode 11

Heather Bodie is the Artistic Director of Erasing the Distance Theatre Company in Chicago, IL.  Erasing the Distance is a non-profit that works toward reducing stigma, educating the public, and sparking healing and conversation regarding mental health.  She discusses the convergence of her personal and artistic paths in the company, and the creative process of healing drama, and her hopes for the future of Erasing the Distance.  

Lisa Isenhart of Open Path Collective--Episode 12

Lisa Isenhart is an anthropologist and the Program Director of Open Path Collective, a non-profit psychotherapy collective that seeks to provide affordable mental health care for the public.  Lisa discusses the mission, inception, and growth of Open Path.  She also describes her career path with the company, and touches on the its future and where Open Path is headed.  

Lisabbe Vaci, LCPC & Liz Crowe, LCSW from the CFD discuss mental health of first responders.

Lisanne Vaci, LCPC & Liz Crowe, LCSW--Episode 7

in Episode 7 of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Kyle Miller and Scott Hoye interview Lisanne Vaci, LCPC and Liz Crowe, LCSW from the Human Relations Department at the Chicago Fire Department. 

Allen Vandever from Childhood Fractured--Episode 8

In episode 8 of  the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Dr, Hoye speaks with Allen Vandever. Allen is a contemporary artist who founded and runs Childhood Fractured, a non-profit artist collective in the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL. 

Allen Vandever from Childhood Fractured, Chicago, IL.
Allen Vandever from Childhood Fractured, Chicago, IL.
Colleen Cira of Cira Behavioral Health on the Chicago Psychology Podcast.

Colleen Duffy Cira--Episode 9

Dr. Colleen Cira, Psy.D. discusses her experiences that led to her career path as a psychology and opening the Cira Center for Behavioral Health, a group practice with locations in Chicago and Oak Park, IL. 

Andre Marseille, Ph.D.--Episode 3

Our first guest on the podcast is Dr. Andre Marseille  is a counseling psychologist in the Washington D.C. area.  He is an existential psychologist and works with Positive Psychotherapy in his practice.  He was born and raised in Chicago, IL. 

In Episode 3, Dr. Marseille discusses Positive Psychotherapy, Existential Psychotherapy, and how he uses them with clients in his practice.  He also touches base on his mentor, Clement Vontress, Ph.D., both Dr. Vontress' work and influence on the world of counseling psychology as well as his work with African traditional healers.  

Visit Dr. Marseile on the web. 

Dr. Andre Marseille discusses Positive Psychotherapy, Existentialism--Chicago Psychology Podcast
Dr. Andre Marseille discusses Positive Psychotherapy, Existentialism--Chicago Psychology Podcast
Dr. David Smith discusses traditional healing, Jung, and therapy on the Chicago Psychology Podcast

David Paul Smith, Ph.D.--Episodes 4 & 5

Dr. David Paul Smith is a licensed clinical psychologist in Chicago Illinois.  Dr. Smith is in private practice and works in local Chicgao hospitals.  He is the Editor-in-Chief of The International Journal of Traditional Healing and Critical lMental Health (1st issue available available at this link). 

David sits down with Dr. Hoye and disucsses his ethnographic work with Ojibwe traditional healers. He also disucsses working as a psychologist in Chicago for the past two decades, as well as his approach to therapy and healing.  

Visit Dr. Smith on the web. 

Suzana Flores, Psy.D.--Episode 6

Dr. Flores is a licensed psychologist in Phoenix Arizona.  She is a speaker, and Ted X presenter, and she is the author of Untamed, and Facehooked.  She is a native Chicagoan.

Suzana will join us to talk about her book Untamed: The Psychology of Marvel's Wolverine. Suzanna will discuss her book in light of fighting through victimization and oppression.  

Visit Dr. Flores on the web. 

Dr. Suzana Flores discusses her book about Marvel's Wolverine on the Chicago Psychology Podcast
Dr. Suzana Flores discusses her book about Marvel's Wolverine on the Chicago Psychology Podcast